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West African Foods Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables

African Food Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables

African Dish: Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables

Traditional Bengali Mix Vegetables Ingredients

1 mustard oil.
2 potato cut into long sliced.
3 panch poron.
4 carrot small cubes.
5 bitter gourd cut into long sliced.
6 chopped ginger.
7 sugar.
8 milk.
9 fennel seeds.
10 green chillies.
11 mustard paste.
12 poppy seed paste.
13 drumsticks cut into long slice.
14 ridge gourd cubed.
15 salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Assemble Panch poron..
Step 2 Heat oil in a karahi & add panch poron.Fry all the veggies one by one..
Step 3 Now fry potato, bitter gourd, drumstick, ridge gourd and carrot one by one and set them aside. Now add green chilli and chopped ginger in the oil and saute..
Step 4 Now add poppy seed paste and mustard paste in it and stir well, add sugar and salt.Now add all the fried vegetables and stir well..
Step 5 Then add the milk and fennel seed and stir well for 5 mints. Now add ghee and switch off the flame. Serve hot with rice..
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