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Easy Delicious Delicious fresh okro soup Nigerian Cuisine

So Tasty Delicious fresh okro soup must be one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. I always use this special recipe to serve Delicious fresh okro soup. Fresh okro, fresh uziza leaf and ugu, flesh stock fish (not the head), dry fish (maiduguri fish not cat fish), crayfish and bonga fish, red oil, fresh yellow pepper and maggi, diced fresh ginger, snail, cote fresh fish and ugba, turmeric powder, fresh cote fish (jumbo size). #Delicious fresh okro soup. I'm finally back from the long break and I decided to share this yummy recipe with you guys, exams took me away but I'm back and thank you for. Join us by subscribing to our channel and click the bell 🔔 for notifications.

Delicious fresh okro soup

So Yummy Delicious fresh okro soup Nigerian Food

Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables. Okro soup (okra soup) is a delicious West African soup popularly eaten in Nigeria. Enjoy okro soup with fufu dishes for a hearty meal! You can have Delicious fresh okro soup by following 9 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s of Fresh Okro.
2 Take of Fresh uziza leaf and ugu.
3 It’s of Flesh stock fish (not the head).
4 It’s of Dry fish (maiduguri fish not cat fish), crayfish and bonga fish.
5 Take of Red oil, Fresh yellow pepper and Maggi.
6 About of Diced Fresh ginger.
7 Prepare of Snail, cote fresh fish and ugba.
8 Take of Turmeric powder.
9 About of Fresh Cote fish (jumbo size).
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Okro soup is popular in some West African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon but my version is a spin on the Nigerian okro soup. Okra soup is one very popular igbo soup in Nigerian, learn how to prepare okro soup in a very simple step by step procedure. Blend or grind the crayfish and peppers. I used a combination of fresh (frozen mackerel) and beef.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Boil your stock fish and dry fish together..
Step 2 Add Maggi, onions and salt.
Step 3 Add cote fish crayfish and bonga fish. Allow to boil for 10mins.
Step 4 Add red oil, yellow pepper and snail.
Step 5 Add your okro and ugu and stir very well. Add ugba and your diced ginger. Lastly add your turmeric powder.
Step 6 Don't over cook your okro and ugu for it is meant to be greenish and fresh.
Step 7 Your healthy and nutritious okro soup is ready.

I like to parboil meat with lots of spices and then use very little while.
Okro soup is a very popular and delicious stew that is loved by the majority of the people, in West Africa, especially if cooked well. Just like ogbono soup and Ewedu soup, Okro soup has a viscous texture which makes it an acquired taste. Talking about Ogbono soup – this is a thick delicious, and. Being a vegetable, okro soup is obviously nutritious and should be included in your menu.