masa wit veggie soup recipe main photo

West African Foods Masa wit veggie soup

West African Foods Masa wit veggie soup

West African Foods: Masa wit veggie soup

Masa wit veggie soup Ingredients

1 Fresh meat.
2 Waterleaf.
3 leaf Moringa.
4 Tomato.
5 Rice.
6 Yeast.
7 Flower.
8 Sugar.
9 Pepper.
10 Onion.
11 Garlic.
12 Pinch salt.
13 Spices.
14 Veg oil.
15 Pumpkin.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 For the soup wash your water leaf and moringa leaf and cut them to your size of choice wash your meat and add your spices to it and boil after boiling add the oil and garlic tomato and pepper together and cook after boiling add your moringa and water leaf allow to cook.
Step 2 Wash your white rice rinse for 10mins then grind after that add yeast and flower and mix and allow to rise for 7 to 10min in the oven.after that add your sugar and slice some onion add to it and mix then add oil and stat fryn.
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