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African Cuisine Waina (Masa)

Traditional African Foods Waina (Masa)

African Food: Waina (Masa)

Waina (Masa) Ingredients

1 2 cups tuwo rice (substitute – jasmine rice).
2 1 table spoon yeast.
3 1 tablespoon sugar.
4 1/2 spoon oil.
5 1 .

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Soak one cup of the tuwo rice in water and allow it sit for 6-8hours..
Step 2 Boil the other cup of rice and mash it and set aside..
Step 3 Pour the soaked rice into a blender and then add the mashed rice and blend the rice until smooth..
Step 4 In the blended rice mixture,pour in your grated ginger and sugar and the yeast leave to rise for about 30 minutes or less..
Step 5 In a pancake puff pan (Tanda suya)grease the pan a little and add the waina mixture to fry and flip as well to brown on the other side..
Step 6 Finally,serve your waina with Egusi soup,miyan taushe,sugar,honey,zobo syrup..
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