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So Yummy Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam Nigerian Dish

Easy Yummy Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam definitely is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Its not hard to make Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam. There are different seafood that go well with okra soup, for instance, you can make your okra soup with crab, shrimp (okra soup This okra recipe is easy and versatile soup; it goes well with pounded yam (okra soup wand pounded yam), garri (okra soup and. How to eat Fufu or pounded yam Jack was lucky enough to have Jane cooking Nigerian Okro soup & Pounded Yam!

Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam

So Delicious Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam Nigerian Cuisine

Wholesome yams made from scratch using a food processor. And if you want the draw which is synonymous with ogbono soup then don't forget okra. Where to find Ogbono Seeds under different. You can simply cook Sea food with Okro soup and pounded yam in 13 ingredients and just 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 You need 20 of fingers of Okro.
2 It’s 100 g of skinned stock fish.
3 Approximately 100 g of big prawn.
4 Prepare 4 of red pepper.
5 Approximately 100 g of crayfish.
6 Prepare to taste of salt.
7 It’s 20 ml of palm oil.
8 Take 3 of knorr seasoning cube.
9 Prepare 100 g of periwinkle.
10 It’s 1 of small onions.
11 You need 1/2 teaspoon of uziza seed powder.
12 You need 5 pieces of cow tail.
13 Take 1 of medium sized yam.
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Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables. Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables used in preparing this recipe. Pounded yam is one of the many yam recipes in Nigeria. it is very delicious and also very popular.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash, season and boil the cow tail plus stock fish for 35mins.
Step 2 Add palm oil, crayfish, pepper, salt, seasoning cubes and cook for 10mins.
Step 3 Add uziza powder, prawn, periwinkle, chopped onions and cook for 15mins.
Step 4 A
dd chopped Okro and stir well, turn off heat. Cover the pot tight so the Okro can soften. Soup is ready.
Step 5 Cut, cook and pound yam for approximately 15mins.

I like it best when it is served with egusi soup. Most folks outside the shores of Nigeria are yet to completely grasp the idea behind pounding yam. Okra soup is one very popular igbo soup in Nigerian, learn how to prepare okro soup in a very simple step by step procedure. Wash the beef and fish, season with a half teaspoon of salt, two seasoning cubes and half cup of sliced onions. allow them to boil together for. Okro soup, Okra soup, Lady's finger or gumbo.mouthwateringly delicious.mucilaginous in a good way, cheap, fresh. one of Nigeria's national dishes.