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West African Foods U.P Style Traditional Thali

Traditional African Foods U.P Style Traditional Thali

African Dish: U.P Style Traditional Thali

U.P Style Traditional Thali Ingredients

1 For matar paneer:.
2 paneer.
3 matar.
4 onion.
5 tomatoes.
6 Black cardamom.
7 Green cardamom.
8 cloves.
9 black pepper.
10 small stick cinnamon.
11 Tej patta / bay leaf.
12 Coriander powder.
13 kitchen king powder.
14 kamshmiri Red chilli powder.
15 red chilli powder.
16 Ginger.
17 garlic.
18 green chillies.
19 Water.
20 For pumpkin:.
21 methi seeds.
22 green chillis.
23 pumpkin.
24 Oil.
25 Salt.
26 For pooris:.
27 Aata/ wheat flour.
28 Water.
29 For rice:.
30 Basmati rice.
31 Cloves.
32 black pepper.
33 jeera / cumin.
34 Water.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 For paneer cut the cubes of paneer collect all the masalas together blanch the peas into a pan.
Step 2 Take a kadhai put oil into it add all khada masala mentioned above fry it now add onions let them fry it until release colour then add tomatoes in it fry them well for a minute.now off the flame and let it cool.
Step 3 Grind it into the mixture now take a same kadai add oil add kashmiri red chilli powder for colour now add the paste into it fry it for two minutes on medium flame add coriander powder kitchen king powder and salt cover it with the lid and cook for 2 mints. After 2 mints open it add peas into it now fry it and add water cover the lid for 5 minutes now add paneer into it. Boil it for another 4-5 minutes.
Step 4 For pooris make a normal dough as we use for chapati. Take a kadhai add oil half of kadhai make pooris..
Step 5 For pumpkin add oil into a pan add methi seeds add green chillies add pumpkin into it saute for 2-3 mints add salt if required add small amount of water into it. Fry it until the colour changes and get cooked.
Step 6 Soak basmati rice for 4-5 minutes now take a cooker add oil into it add jeera black pepper cloves now add rice into it saute for 2 minutes add a cup of water cover it cook it till 2 whistles.
Step 7 For presenting it as a thali cut salads add sweets and a choice of fruit..
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