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Easy Delicious Seafood bitterleaf soup Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Seafood bitterleaf soup no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian food. I always use this special recipe to serve Seafood bitterleaf soup. I used oat powder as thickener, by diluting in water, set aside. boil stockfish with seasoning, when boiling, add palm oil, crayfish, pepper, oat powder, ogiri, bring to boil. Heeeeeeeyyyy Everyone, I hope you guys are not too bored with all of the craziness going on! anyway I got you all lol. today I will be making Bitter leaf. Bitterleaf Soup is not bitter as implied by the name.

Seafood bitterleaf soup

So Yummy Seafood bitterleaf soup Nigerian Cuisine

This dish is neither a soup nor sauce, but something in between – a slightly soupy vegetable that is served to accompany starchy food like fufu. Bitterleaf Soup is the most traditional Igbo soup. Bitterleaf soup – Ofe onugbu (as the Igbos like to call it) is very delicious and also comes third on This soup is popular because it could be made in more than five different ways by different ethnic. You can simply cook Seafood bitterleaf soup in 10 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 Prepare of Washed bitter leaf 500g.
2 About of Stockfish.
3 Take of Dried fish.
4 You need of Ground crayfish.
5 It’s of Pepper.
6 About of Ogiri.
7 You need of Palmoil.
8 You need of Seasoning.
9 Prepare of Salt.
10 About of Thickener.
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Your delicious bitterleaf soup is ready. You can use it to consume any kind of swallow e.g fufu. Bitter leaf soup is popularly eaten by the Igbo speaking people of Eastern Nigeria, and The people of Cameroon. Called Ofé Onugbo by the Igbos, the Cameroonians call it Ndolé.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 I used oat powder as thickener,by diluting in water,set aside.boil stockfish with seasoning, when boiling,add palm oil,crayfish,pepper, oat powder,ogiri,bring to boil,mean while,debone dry fish,set aside..
Step 2 When, its thick,add fish,taste to adjust with salt,add bitter leaf last,stir,boil for 3mins…turn off heat and serve with fav swallow.

As would be expected, there is regional variation in how this soup is prepared. Discover delicious and easy to prepare seafood soup recipes from the expert chefs at Food Network. Indulge in a hot, hearty bowl of seafood soup tonight. Nigerian Lifestyle Blog About Food, Motherhood, Relationships, Career, Beauty and Blogging! How to Prepare Bitter Leaf Soup : Please, I'll like to place an emphasis on the bitter leaf so that no one acts like I did the first time.