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African Food Dowara ( traditional algerian recipe

West African Foods Dowara ( traditional algerian recipe

African Dish: Dowara ( traditional algerian recipe

Dowara ( traditional algerian recipe Ingredients

1 Kilo of rotary (intestine, viscera or spleen).
2 a cup of boiled chickpeas.
3 spice(karwiya).
4 ground black pepper.
5 Small spoon of salt.
6 finely chopped coriander leaves.
7 garlic clives finely chopped.
8 large onion chopped finely.
9 Turnipes or zichini.
10 quarter cup of oil.
11 water.
12 Sweet pepper.
13 Chili.
14 Lemon juice.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Place the rotary in boiling water and then scrape it with the knife to get rid of its skin and become white and completely clean,then cut it into small cubes in size.
Step 2 Place the rotary in a cooker, add the oil, salt, black pepper, sweet peppers, chili, chopped garlic, ginger,chopped tomatoes, chopped onion.
Step 3 Put the pot on a quiet fire flipping, then cover the mixture with water, and leave on fire for 1 hour.
Step 4 Before maturing about half an hour, add turnipes or zuchini and leave the mixture on the fire to maturity..
Step 5 Add lemon juice and leave on fire for 10 minutes until the broth condenses.
Step 6 Remove from the fire, and put in the serving dish, and the grace and healing.
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