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African Cuisine African salad

Traditional African Foods African salad

Traditional African Foods: African salad

African salad Ingredients

1 1 painter of white dried cassava(abacha).
2 5 pieces nutcracker (ehuru).
3 2 tbsp grinded pepper.
4 2 tbsp salt.
5 2 maggi star cubes.
6 2 pieces garden egg.
7 2 pieces fresh tomatoes (optional).
8 1 long fresh fish.
9 2 tbsp Potash.
10 1 cup red oil.
11 2 wraps ogiri okpeei (native maggi).
12 1 cup crayfish.
13 5-8 pieces anyara leaves.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pour luke warm water in a bowl, add abacha to soak in it for 15 to 20 minutes, in a plate, add your potash, add water bit by bit not up to 10 tbsps. Sieve out d water. In a clean plate, add red oil, in the red oil, add sieved potash water, stir and set aside. Cut, cook, fry your fresh fish and set aside. Cut your onion. Anyara leaves, grind ehuru, and set aside. Rinse your abacha in a sieve and set aside..
Step 2 In a big pot or bowl, pour your abacha, add Your measured and prepared ingredients. Add ur salt,pepper, crayfish,onoin, maggi cubes,grinded nutcracker(ehuru),and stir together. Add your mixed potash and oil paste stir together. And its ready..
Step 3 In a serving plate, cut out ur desired quality, garnish with garden egg, frid fish,chopped anyara leaves and last but optional, cut your tomatoes and garnish..
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