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African Cuisine Brigadeiro (Traditional Brazilian dessert)

African Dish Brigadeiro (Traditional Brazilian dessert)

African Dish: Brigadeiro (Traditional Brazilian dessert)

Brigadeiro (Traditional Brazilian dessert) Ingredients

1 butter.
2 condensed milk.
3 coco powder.
4 Ghee, to grease.
5 coating :.
6 Chopped Cashewnuts.
7 Chopped almonds.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Heat the butter in a pan, add condensed milk and mix it well. Than add cocoa powder and stir until the mixture starts leaving the edges of the pan..
Step 2 Grease the plate with ghee, pour the mixture in it. Let it slightly cools down..
Step 3 Take a small portion from the mixture and make balls of it..
Step 4 Roll the balls into the chopped almonds or into the chopped Cashewnuts..
Step 5 Serve Brigadeiro..
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