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Yummy Food Shawarma Delight Nigerian Dish

So Yummy Shawarma Delight must be one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. This is my secret recipe to make Shawarma Delight.

Shawarma Delight

So Tasty Shawarma Delight Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply prepare Shawarma Delight in 8 ingredients and only 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 About 1 of Pita Bread.
2 You need 1/4 Cup of Mozzarella Cheese.
3 It’s 1/2 of of a Cucumber (Chopped).
4 About of Chicken (Boiled and Cut).
5 You need 1/2 of of a Onion (Chopped).
6 About 1/4 Tsp of Oregano.
7 Take 1/4 Cup of Mayonnaise.
8 You need 1 of and 1/2 Tbsp Pizza Sauce.
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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Take Pita Bread and spread Pizza Sauce and Mayonnaise on it..
Step 2 Sprinkle some Oregano. Save a bit for later..
Step 3 Add Cucumbers and Onions on it..
Step 4 Add Some Cheese..
Step 5 Add Chicken..
Step 6 Now put it in Microwave for 55 Seconds or until Cheese melts..
Step 7 Yummy Shawarma is ready. You can even add some more Mayonnaise on top if you want..
Step 8 Enjoy your meal..