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So Yummy Oha soup and garri Nigerian Dish

So Delicious Oha soup and garri certainly is our favorite nigerian cuisine. I will guide you to make Oha soup and garri. Meat, leaves oha, salt, achi, pepper, crayfish, palmoil, cubes maggi, ogiri, uziza seeds. Shred the oha leaves, season and boil meat. Top up water in the boiled meat add palmoil and boil very well.

Oha soup and garri

So Yummy Oha soup and garri Nigerian Cuisine

Delicious Oha Soup and Fufu Apu Mukbang Welcome back guys trust everyone is safe Today we are doing something different which is eating Oha Soup and Fufu. Ora (Oha) soup is native to the South Eastern Nigeria. It is a very traditional soup similar to the bitterleaf soup but cooked with Ora leaves. You can easily cook Oha soup and garri by following 10 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 About of Meat.
2 It’s leaves of Oha.
3 About of Salt.
4 You need of Achi.
5 It’s of Pepper.
6 It’s of Crayfish.
7 Take of Palmoil.
8 About cubes of Maggi.
9 About of Ogiri.
10 About of Uziza seeds.

Ora (Oha) Soup is special because the tender ora leaves used in preparing this soup recipe are seasonal unlike their bitterleaf counterpart which can be found. If so, serve this mouth-watering oha soup with garri swallow for a truly exceptional dish. The combination of cocoyams, beef chunks and fish is made even better with the addition of oha leaves and ogiri. #OhaSoup#nigeriasoup#authenticIgboSoup#THE BEST NIGERIAN OHA SOUP/Oha Soup That Went To Harvard/Cook Подробнее. Oha, Garri and Pepper Soup in Japan?!

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Shred the oha leaves,season and boil meat..
Step 2 Top up water in the boiled meat add palmoil and boil very well..
Step 3 Sprinkle in achi boil untill is a thick add pepper,maggi cubes,uziza seeds,crayfish,salt and ogiri.boil very well..
Step 4 Add the oha leaves stir and simmer for 2minutes.boil water and pour over garri in a bowl.

Oha Soup, popularly referred to as Ofe Oha by the Igbo tribe of Eastern Nigeria is an absolutely delicious traditional soup recipe. Oha soup isn't exactly a go-to kind of soup because the main ingredient, Oha leaves, is a seasonal one. Traditionally, the leaves are shredded by hand and not with. And the best oha soup is made from fresh oha leaves. Because of the above, the only time I can enjoy oha soup is when there is a new arrival straight from Nigeria.