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West African Foods Sinasir with veg. Soup

Traditional African Foods Sinasir with veg. Soup

African Food: Sinasir with veg. Soup

Sinasir with veg. Soup Ingredients

1 3 cups white rice.
2 1/2 cup cooked rice.
3 1 full tbsp of yeast.
4 5 tbsp sugar.
5 Pinch salt.
6 Oil for frying.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash the white rice and soak for 1 hour..
Step 2 Cook the cooking rice and allow it to cool..
Step 3 Mix the soaked white rice with the cooked rice and grind..
Step 4 Add the yeast and allow it to rise in warm place for an hour.
Step 5 Add the sugar and the salt..
Step 6 Add one table spoon of oil in a non stick pan, put the batter and cover the pan. Remove it when done and put another, continue like that till you finish..
Step 7 Note: do not turn it during frying just cover it with the pan lid the top will be cooked. Just maintain low heat..
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