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West African Foods Sinasir cones

African Dish Sinasir cones

African Cuisine: Sinasir cones

Sinasir cones Ingredients

1 shinkafa tuwo.
2 tblsp yeast.
3 tblsp sugar.
4 salt.
5 tomatoes.
6 large Red Bull peppers.
7 large potatoes 🥔.
8 large onion.
9 small size scallion.
10 seasoning cubes.
11 warm water.
12 tblsp buttet.
13 curry leaves.
14 bay leaves.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash rice n soak fr an hour, strain n grind to paste or batter. Dissolve yeast in warm water n add to batter, allow to rise in warm place, add sugar n salt n fry..
Step 2 Grease a nonstick sauce pan n fry batter making sure to cover..
Step 3 For d topping, in a sauce pan add d butter n onions n simmer fr a minute, add d peppers, bay leaves,tomatoes, potatoes (diced) seasoning n simmer fr 10mins, add d scallion n curry leaf lastly n simmer fr a minute..
Step 4 Cut out d sinasir in circular shapes n cut from d middle to d outer part To give d cone shape n toss in d potato sauce..
Step 5 Serve.
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