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African Dish Traditional Thandai (Instant Mix)

African Dish Traditional Thandai (Instant Mix)

African Dish: Traditional Thandai (Instant Mix)

Traditional Thandai (Instant Mix) Ingredients

1 poppy seeds.
2 almonds.
3 melon seeds(magaz).
4 green Cardamom.
5 fennal seeds.
6 cumin seeds.
7 black pepper corns.
8 some dry rose petals.
9 For sugar syrup -.
10 sugar.
11 water.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 First in a bowl soak together Poppy seeds, almonds and melon seeds for 5 -6 hours..
Step 2 To make sugar syrup in a deep vessel add sugar and water and keep it on medium heat and cook until sugar dissolved completely. cook for another 2 mins and switch off the heat.let the syrup cool for sometime..
Step 3 Meanwhile in a grinder jar add fennal seeds, cumin seeds, cardamom and pepper corns.grind them to make fine powder.add dry rose petals and grind again.sieve the mixture and keep aside..
Step 4 Now in a blender jar add soaked poppy seeds mixture and blend to fine paste.add some water in between while blending..
Step 5 Now add dry sieved masala and poppy seeds mixture to the sugar syrup and mix well.(you can blend the mixture with hand blender too).
Step 6 Thandai mix is ready. after cooling pour it in air tight container and store /keep it in refrigerator..
Step 7 While making thandai –take a glass ful of chilled milk /water, (any one)add 2-3 tbsp of thandai mix,mix well, strain add ice cubes, garnish with almonds -pista flakes, serve cool..
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