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African Food Boiled Rice pancakes

African Food Boiled Rice pancakes

African Food: Boiled Rice pancakes

Boiled Rice pancakes Ingredients

1 boiled Rice.
2 besan/gram flour.
3 curd.
4 coriander leaves chopped.
5 Onion.
6 Chopped tomato.
7 green chilli.
8 Garam masala.
9 salt.
10 Ginger garlic paste.
11 Red chilli powder.
12 Turmeric powder.
13 Oil.
14 Ghee.
15 shahi jeera( cumin seeds).
16 Curry leaves.
17 coriander chutney to serve.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Take cooked rice in a bowl.Add besan salt red chilli powder chopped tomato coriander onion green chilli garlic ginger paste Garam masala red chilli powder turmeric powder curd mix well..
Step 2 Now for tadka:-Heat ghee in a pan add cumin seeds and curry leaves.Pour in rice mixture.and mix properly.
Step 3 Now heat nonstick pan and spread mid.Size pancake with fingures.Cooked on mid.Slow flame spread 1tsp.Oil cover the lid.Now turn oppo.Side and cooked till golden colour. Like this way make all pancakes..
Step 4 Tasty delicious protein carbohydrates richCooked Rice Pancakes is ready to serve with chutney..
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