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African Dish Stuffed Semolina Pancake

Traditional African Foods Stuffed Semolina Pancake

African Food: Stuffed Semolina Pancake

Stuffed Semolina Pancake Ingredients

1 Stuffing–.
2 boiled potatoes.
3 oil.
4 mustard seeds.
5 Green chilli paste.
6 Turmeric Powder.
7 Salt.
8 chopped coriander leaves.
9 outer layer–.
10 small Semolina.
11 curd.
12 Water.
13 rice flour.
14 cumin seeds.
15 Salt.
16 Roasting–.
17 Oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Take a bowl add Semolina, curd and water mix it. Make a thick batter. Keep aside for 2 hours. So Semolina can puff..
Step 2 Mash the Potatoes in a bowl. Heat up a tempering pan add oil, mustard seeds let it crackled, add turmeric powder, green chilli paste. Mix it pour in the mashed potatoes. Mix it all well. Add salt and Chopped coriander leaves. Mix it well,stuffing is ready..
Step 3 Now mix the batter add cumin seeds, salt..
Step 4 Then add rice flour, water to make flowing consistency. Batter and stuffing is ready..
Step 5 Make flat tikkis from the Potatoes stuffing. Heat up a pan. Drizzle some oil..
Step 6 Pour the Semolina batter on a heated pan. The flame should be low. Cover it and cook it. After 2 mins open it will see that pancake is done from one side. Place the potato tikki in the middle and flatten it with the finger. Then pour the batter on it and cover the stuffing with the batter. Cover the lid and cook it for a min..
Step 7 Slowly flip the pan cake and let another side get cooked. Drizzle some oil. Roast both side properly and it's done..
Step 8 Take out in a plate. Cut it and serve with ketchup or schezwan Chutney..
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