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Traditional African Foods Semolina Pancake

West African Foods Semolina Pancake

African Dish: Semolina Pancake

Semolina Pancake Ingredients

1 – semolina(sooji).
2 – curd.
3 medium size onion(sliced).
4 capsicum grated.
5 grated beetroot.
6 chopped spinach.
7 green chillies.
8 Salt as per taste.
9 Oil for shallow fry.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a bowl put semolina and add curd in that and mix it very well..cover it and keep it aside for 6-7 hours..
Step 2 After fermentation semolina would be fluffy and the batter would be little thick..u can add 1-2 spoon water as per requirement.In that add salt and mix well.
Step 3 Now heat the pan with 1 tspn of Oil and put 1 spoon of batter on that spread it round and apply little oil at the edges..after 1 min when little cooked keep the chopped vegetables on that and press gently,now flip it another side and leave it for 2-3 mins on low flame…
Step 4 After cooked properly from both the side,take it out in a plate and serve immediately hot with green chutney or with fresh fruit and enjoy this yummy Breakfast for the day…😊😊.
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