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Traditional African Foods Deep fried rice pancake or Neipathiri

African Dish Deep fried rice pancake or Neipathiri

African Food: Deep fried rice pancake or Neipathiri

Deep fried rice pancake or Neipathiri Ingredients

1 pathiri.
2 water.
3 grated coconut.
4 onion.
5 rice flour.
6 salt.
7 fennel seeds.
8 oil.
9 long grain rice.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Soak the rice in normal tap water for 3-4 hours. Grind it along with minimal water until you get a coarse and grainy mixture. When you touch the ground rice, it should be really grainy..
Step 2 Add coconut, fennel seeds and roughly chopped onions to this and grind for few seconds until everything is just crushed and NOT smooth.
Step 3 Tip the whole mixture in to a large bowl, add salt and rice flour and mix well using hands..
Step 4 Place a large kadai on high heat. Take a golf size ball and flatten it into thick discs of 4-5 mm using the fingers by placing it on an aluminium foil. (Use som oil on foil). Carefully hold the foil in one hand and remove the pathiri using other hand and slowly slide it in oil. Smear the fingers and palm with oil to avoid the dough sticking to the hand..
Step 5 Once it float on top then turn another side and fry for 30sec. Take out.
Step 6 .
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