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African Dish Traditional Khus Sherbet

African Food Traditional Khus Sherbet

African Dish: Traditional Khus Sherbet

Traditional Khus Sherbet Ingredients

1 khus grass.
2 sugar.
3 water (or sugar should soak completely).
4 green colour.
5 green elachis.
6 sabza seeds (optional).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak Khus grass for 30mins, so that mud settles down..
Step 2 Wash khus grass 5-6 times or till dirty water is 90% clear..
Step 3 Keep it aside..
Step 4 Boil sugar and water in a heavy bottomed vessel..
Step 5 Remove the dirt from the sugar and throw it..
Step 6 Add green elachis and khus grass..
Step 7 Give 3-4 boils..
Step 8 Switch off the flame..
Step 9 Cover the vessel with a plate & keep heavy vessel or mortar on it..
Step 10 Next day mix the sherbet and remove the khus grass..
Step 11 In a small bowl add little water and edible green colour..
Step 12 Mix this to the sherbet..
Step 13 Pour this sherbet in a sterilized bottle..
Step 14 How to serve……
Step 15 Soak sabza seeds for 20mins..
Step 16 It will swell in size..
Step 17 In a glasz put 1 tbsp khus syrup ; sabza seeds,ice cubes and water. Stir and serve cold..
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