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Traditional African Foods Nimki’s (Traditional Indian Snack)

African Dish Nimki’s (Traditional Indian Snack)

West African Foods: Nimki’s (Traditional Indian Snack)

Nimki’s (Traditional Indian Snack) Ingredients

1 Flour.
2 Salt.
3 Cumin Seeds.
4 Butter.
5 Water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a large bowl sieve the flour..
Step 2 Add the salt, cumin seeds and butter to the flour..
Step 3 Add water and knead dough..
Step 4 Dough should be a soft texture. Once dough is kneaded, let it rest for 10 minutes..
Step 5 Divide dough into equal size balls..
Step 6 Take a dough ball and roll dough into a wide circle..
Step 7 Using a knife or pizza cutter, cut into triangles..
Step 8 Heat oil in a small pot. Once oil is hot, add the dough triangles and deep fry..
Step 9 Fry until golden in colour. Once fried, place the nimkis on a paper towel to soak any extra oil..
Step 10 Keep Nimki’s in a air tight container..
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