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African Cuisine Traditional Dryfruits Malpua

African Cuisine Traditional Dryfruits Malpua

African Food: Traditional Dryfruits Malpua

Traditional Dryfruits Malpua Ingredients

1 maida.
2 milk.
3 sugar (malpua batter).
4 sugar (cashni / sugar syrup).
5 water.
6 Almonds finely slice.
7 Pistachios finely slice.
8 Kesar crushed little.
9 Cashews finely slice.
10 Green Eliachi finely powered.
11 ghee.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 In a pan take milk and let it boil till it remains 3/4. Add sugar and dry fruits(1 tbl spoon) to it and again let it boil for 5 more minutes. Switch off the flame. Let it cool to room temperature..
Step 2 In another pan take maida and add the milk. Mix well and let the batter set for 15 minutes..
Step 3 After 15 minutes, take a flat pan put on flame on slow flame, add 1 spoon ghee and gently pour the batter on tip. The batter will take round shape by it's own(do not touch it). Let it fry for few minutes approximately say 2/3 minutes..
Step 4 Gently flip the malpua on another side and let it too fry for 2/3 minutes..
Step 5 For the sugar syrup / Cashni – take a pan, add water, add sugar to it and let it boil till the required consistency..
Step 6 Once the syrup is thicken add 1/2 t spoon elaichi powder to it and mix well. Gently add malpua to the syrup and let it deep for 1 minute each side (max)..
Step 7 Softly remove the malpua from the syrup and place in serving plate. Same way prepare all malpuas and assemble them in a plate and serve it with garnishing dry fruits on it. Holi special traditional Malpuas are ready.
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