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African Cuisine Abacha African salad

African Dish Abacha African salad

African Food: Abacha African salad

Abacha African salad Ingredients

1 Abacha(shredded cassava).
2 Upaka.
3 Garden eggs.
4 Kpomo.
5 Ice fish fried.
6 Cray fish.
7 Seasoning.
8 Onions.
9 Pepper.
10 Potash.
11 Ogiri.
12 leaves Garden egg.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Soak your abacha for 10mins in cold water until it soften,then more boiling water water over it and drain.
Step 2 Rinse the ukpata with warm water,dissolve potash with warm water and sieve out the water on the palm oil until it form yellowish paste.
Step 3 Place on heat and add seasoning,pepper,cray fish,,ground ehu,.
Step 4 Stir, then add crushed stock cubes,diced onions,ukpata. Take off the heat.
Step 5 Add ogiri and mix then fish and meat then abacha and mix and salt to salt.
Step 6 Garnish with garden egg leaves.
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