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Traditional African Foods Peppersoup

African Dish Peppersoup

African Dish: Peppersoup

Peppersoup Ingredients

1 ram head and leg.
2 onion bulb.
3 fresh shombo.
4 fresh attarugu.
5 seasoning cubes.
6 pepper soup spice.
7 curry and thyme.
8 Fresh garlic, ginger and tumeric.
9 Scent.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 First of all, u need to boil the meat, then wash clean and strain..
Step 2 Add the washed meat to your pot then slice in your onions and water..
Step 3 Add in your curry, thyme and seasoning cubes..
Step 4 U now blend your the shombo and attarugu together with the ginger and garlic..
Step 5 Then stir and cover the pot and allow it to cook..
Step 6 Lastly add in your freshly chopped scent leaf(I got mine very fresh from my garden) lol..
Step 7 And its done! Enjoy..
Step 8 As usual. Lol.
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