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Traditional African Foods Traditional Country Chicken Curry

African Food Traditional Country Chicken Curry

African Dish: Traditional Country Chicken Curry

Traditional Country Chicken Curry Ingredients

1 Chicken.
2 Sliced onion.
3 Chopped tomato.
4 Ginger-garlic paste.
5 Green chilli paste.
6 Curd.
7 Turmeric powder.
8 Cumin powder.
9 Meat masala powder.
10 Garam masala powder.
11 Sugar.
12 Salt.
13 Red Chilli powder.
14 Cardamom.
15 Cinnamon stick.
16 Ghee/ clarified butter.
17 Oil.
18 Whole garlic.
19 Whole onion.
20 Dry red chilli.
21 Water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Heat a pan and add 4 tablespoon of oil..
Step 2 Now add dry red chilli,cardamom and cinnamon stick and let them fry for 10 seconds..
Step 3 Now add sliced onion and let it fry until it becomes golden brown in colour..
Step 4 Now add ginger garlic paste and saute it for few seconds..
Step 5 Add chopped tomato and fry very well until the tomato softens..
Step 6 Now add turmeric powder, cumin powder,salt, sugar, meat masala, red chilli powder and mix all the ingredients very well..
Step 7 Now add cleaned chicken and mix well..
Step 8 Now cover the lid of the pan. The chicken will realease water. Leave it like this for 5-7 minutes..
Step 9 Then open the lid and add 2 cups of water.At this time add whole garlic(cleaned and washed) and whole onion. Close the lid oc the pan and let it cook for nother 15 minutes..
Step 10 Now open the lid of the pan and add garam masala and ghee..
Step 11 Extremely delicious country chicken curry is ready to be served..
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