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West African Foods Traditional Vegetables. (managu)

African Food Traditional Vegetables. (managu)

African Cuisine: Traditional Vegetables. (managu)

Traditional Vegetables. (managu) Ingredients

1 Managu.
2 oil.
3 small diced onion.
4 large tomatoes. Sliced.
5 salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Take the managu leaves. Wash them.
Step 2 Boil for 20 minutes. Then you be cutting the onions and tomatoes..
Step 3 Fry the onions in oil until lightly brown..
Step 4 Add in tomatoes and fry until soft..
Step 5 Add in the boiled managu and salt. Then mix..
Step 6 Add in milk or cream if present. Boil for one minute..
Step 7 If not just serve..
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