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African Dish My African salad

African Food My African salad

West African Foods: My African salad

My African salad Ingredients

1 Abacha(African salad).
2 Ugba(oil been).
3 Red oil.
4 Bicarbonate.
5 Maggi.
6 Salt.
7 Pepper (Cameroon pepper).
8 Stockfish.
9 Kpomo.
10 Cray fish.
11 Onions.
12 leaf Utazi.
13 leaf Garden egg.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Mix the bicarbonate with water and add red oil. Stir until the mixture turn yellow. Set aside.
Step 2 Add ur cray fish, pepper, maggi and salt to the yellow mixture. stir very well..
Step 3 Add ur already soaked abacha in the mixture in stir very well. Then add ur oil beam (ugba) stir.
Step 4 Decorate with ur garden egg leaf and utazi. Ready to serve..
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