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African Cuisine Basmati Fried Rice

African Cuisine Basmati Fried Rice

West African Foods: Basmati Fried Rice

Basmati Fried Rice Ingredients

1 Lal Qilla basmati rice.
2 Simas margarine.
3 Chicken stock.
4 Red pepper.
5 Garlic.
6 Ginger.
7 Onion.
8 Fresh Cinnamon.
9 Fresh cardimon.
10 Fresh curriander.
11 Fresh kiwi.
12 Curry.
13 Thyme.
14 Tumeric powder.
15 Coconut powder.
16 Spicecity chicken flavor.
17 Salt.
18 Maggi star.
19 Vegetable oil.
20 Diced carrot.
21 Cooked diced liver.
22 Diced green beans.
23 Sweet corn.
24 Green peas.
25 potash water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash the basmati rice properly and drain.
Step 2 In a pan on fire (medium heat) small quantity of simas margarine, turn in the rice and add tumeric powder(gives the color) and stir fry for some minute.
Step 3 When it's fried, turn off the heat.
Step 4 Set put on fire with small quantity of vegetable oil, up add clean, washed pounded onion, red pepper, garlic and ginger and stir.
Step 5 Add the chicken stock, Maggi, salt, Curry, thyme, spicecity, coconut powder to taste.
Step 6 Pound the dry spices(cinnamon,caddimon,curiander and kiwi) and add to the pot.
Step 7 Add little quantity of clean water enough to cook the rice and cover tight and allow to boil.
Step 8 Turn in the rice, stir a bit with wooden spoon and cover with tight lid.
Step 9 Cook on medium heat until the rice absorb the water.
Step 10 In pot of water, add diced carrot, green beans, and green peas add small potash water (it brings out the color) and put on fire to parboil.
Step 11 Remove from fire into drainer, pour in the cooked diced liver and sweet corn and rinse with clean water.
Step 12 Once the rice is cooked, remove from heat and allow for some minute covered.
Step 13 Dish the rice and add the veggies as into it.
Step 14 Basmati Fried Rice is ready to serve hot.
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