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African Food Simple Fried Rice

Traditional African Foods Simple Fried Rice

Traditional African Foods: Simple Fried Rice

Simple Fried Rice Ingredients

1 cooked rice.
2 Diced carrots.
3 Peas.
4 Green pepper.
5 Attarugu.
6 Onion.
7 Scrambled eggs.
8 Oil.
9 Seasonings.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a pan heat oil and add onions with attarugu. Fry for 5mins.
Step 2 Add carrots and peas(i usually cook mine before frying),add scrambled eggs with seasonings and stir fry..
Step 3 Add your half cooked rice stir little, and add any food colour of your choice. Stir well then add green pepper..
Step 4 Allow to tender little and serve..
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