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West African Foods Simple Fried rice

African Dish Simple Fried rice

Traditional African Foods: Simple Fried rice

Simple Fried rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 big onion.
3 Scotch bonnet.
4 ajinomoto.
5 Maggi cube.
6 curry powder.
7 vagetable oil.
8 salt.
9 Cook Chicken.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Ina pot add water and let it boil wash rice a pour it add tablespoon curry powder and salt and par boil it and strain it and keep a side.
Step 2 In a greater great onion and Scotch bonnet.
Step 3 In another pot pour oil and greated onion and Scotch bonnet and saute them add hot water and seasoning add spices you like when the boil add parboiled rice and let it cook on low heat until it done.
Step 4 Fry chicken in a hot oil.
Step 5 Serve and enjoy with cold drinks you like.
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