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African Cuisine Fried rice and chicken

West African Foods Fried rice and chicken

African Food: Fried rice and chicken

Fried rice and chicken Ingredients

1 rice.
2 Chicken.
3 Maggi.
4 Salt.
5 Curry.
6 Scotch bonnet.
7 Garlic.
8 Vegetable oil.
9 Onion.
10 green peas.
11 sweetcorn.
12 greenpepper.
13 Carrots.
14 Liver.
15 Greanbeans.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Perboil the rice and set aside..
Step 2 Wash and cut your veggies..
Step 3 Wash chicken, add in your spices, garlic and onion and cook till tender..
Step 4 Fry ur chicken and keep aside..
Step 5 In a pot add in your oil(little from the one used in frying the chicken)..
Step 6 Add in ur grinded scotch bonnet and garlic..
Step 7 Add onion and stir well..
Step 8 Add in ur veggies except the sweetcorn n peas..
Step 9 Add in ur diced liver, add curry and seasoning and keep stirring.
Step 10 Add ur parboiled and little curry, keep stirring till it fries..
Step 11 Add in your chicken stock and allow to cook..
Step 12 Finally add in your canned sweetcorn, greenpepper n peas. Allow to simmer for few minutes..
Step 13 Serve with your fried chicken. Enjoy!.
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