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African Food Fried Rice and chicken

African Food Fried Rice and chicken

Traditional African Foods: Fried Rice and chicken

Fried Rice and chicken Ingredients

1 Rice,green color (optional),green pepper, green beans,peas,.
2 Carrots, liver, meat,chicken,ground nut oil,onions, Maggi,mixed.
3 Spices,salt,.cinnamon,curry powder.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 U set everything you wants,chopped ur vegetables, boil ur liver and cut it,boil ur chicken and meat keep everything in its bowl, smach ur red pepper, boil ur peas wit a little salt in it..
Step 2 Boil ur rice for about 5 minutes drop off from d fire wash it an put it in d pot back add d boil chicken water in it with d meat water den add more water if need dis let it have d meat and chicken spice in it let it cook till when it almost done and drop it off. Put ur oil on d fire wen its hot put ur onions pepper and other vegetables including ur boiled peas stir them together add ur Maggi,curry etc let it fry together den when everything is set u put ur half done rice then stir it all togethe.
Step 3 Make sure you turn it after every five minutes until everything is cooked together and d rice is soft and ur fire and serve it.hope you enjoy this recipe..
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