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African Cuisine Basmatic fried rice

African Food Basmatic fried rice

African Cuisine: Basmatic fried rice

Basmatic fried rice Ingredients

1 Basmatic rice.
2 Green pepper.
3 Salt.
4 Knorr.
5 Carrots.
6 Red pepper.
7 Green pepper.
8 Sweet corn.
9 Prawns.
10 Green pepper.
11 Onion.
12 Vegetable oil.
13 Carrots.
14 Fried rice spice.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Parboil the rice and rinse..
Step 2 Heat up vegetable oil and fry onion,green pepper,yellow pepper,red pepper,prawns,and all other vegetables add salt,thyme,curry and knorr cubes..
Step 3 Pour in the basmatic rice in the stir fry vegetables add more salt,fried rice spice,curry and knorr cubes.simmer for like 5minutes stir in together and is ready..
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