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African Food Simple Fried Rice

African Cuisine Simple Fried Rice

African Dish: Simple Fried Rice

Simple Fried Rice Ingredients

1 Cooked rice.
2 Carrots.
3 Green beans.
4 Onions, Spring onions.
5 Garlic/ginger.
6 Beef.
7 Curry masala and spices.
8 Fresh Tumeric.
9 Seasonings.
10 Tarugu and Chilly.
11 Peas.
12 Green bell pepper& Red bell pepper.
13 Oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Dice and spice your beef, Cook till tender. Diced all the vegetables and add them on your beef stock and cook for some mins, add oil, add the grated pepper and chillie, correct seasoning and keep aside. Get a clean pan grate your fresh Tumeric,ginger,garlic,Onions, Spring onions add the rice with little oil and stir fry untill the color becomes uniform..
Step 2 Add the vegetables and stir in the rice add little curry masala, cook for some mins. And your fried rice is ready sprinkle your red,green peas,&green bell pepper. So simple to make and easy…. Don't believe in food wastage at home😉.
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