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Traditional African Foods Ewa agoyin

African Food Ewa agoyin

African Food: Ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin Ingredients

1 2 cups honey beans.
2 1 onion.
3 Cameroun pepper.
4 1 cup Dry sombo.
5 2 teaspoon dry pepper seed.
6 1 cup Blended crayfish.
7 1 cup Palmoil.
8 1 cubes Maggi.
9 Salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Remove the dirts from the beans,rinse and boil in a pot.put salt and onion.
Step 2 Cook it till is soft then mash with a wooden stick.roughly blend the pepper with sombo and small onion..
Step 3 Bleach the palmoil,add sliced onion and fry till is about burning.that is what gives it that agoyin smell..
Step 4 Add the blended pepper to the oil and sliced onion, crayfish,salt and maggi cubes..
Step 5 Onces the oil starts floating on top bring it down is done..
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