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African Cuisine Ewa Agoyin

African Dish Ewa Agoyin

African Dish: Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin Ingredients

1 3 cups honey beans.
2 Half cup of unblended Cameroon pepper.
3 Quarter cup of dry shombo.
4 2 tablespoons dry pepper seed.
5 1 bulb of onion.
6 2 heap tablespoons of grounded crayfish.
7 2 cups palm oil.
8 1 stock cube.
9 to taste Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Pick your beans then put in a pot, add water then salt and Onion and start to cook.
Step 2 Top up the Water as you cook then cook till very soft then mash with a wooden stick..
Step 3 Next, roughly blend your pepper, and shombo with little onion, at this point, heat the oil in a sauce pan, add diced onion then fry till the onion starts to burn, that is what gives the sauce that distinct agoyin flavour..
Step 4 Add the blended pepper to the oil in the sauce the sauce pan, then continue to fry.
Step 5 Add the crayfish, salt and knorr cube.
Step 6 Taste and adjust then fry till dry, at that point you will notice that the oil is floating on top. Then bring down.
Step 7 Serve with the boiled beans.
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