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African Food Ewa agoyin

Traditional African Foods Ewa agoyin

African Cuisine: Ewa agoyin

Ewa agoyin Ingredients

1 4 cups parboiled Beans.
2 5 bell peppers.
3 2 small onions.
4 3 tbsp ground cayenne pepper.
5 2 cups palm oil.
6 1 pack locust bean seeds.
7 1/2 cup cray fish.
8 10 Scotch bonnet peppers.
9 to taste Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Boil parboiled beans till very tender, add salt to beans at the later stages of boiling.
Step 2 When already tender, using a serving spoon, mash the beans..
Step 3 For the sauce: add palm oil into the pot and bleach for about 3-5 minutes.
Step 4 Add already minced onions and fry till brown.
Step 5 Blend the bell peppers, scotch bonnet and crayfish..
Step 6 Add blended mixture to the pot.
Step 7 Wash locust bean seeds thoroughly.
Step 8 Fry the pepper mixture well till it attains a dark red look..
Step 9 Add 2 Maggi stock cubes, ground cayenne pepper and the locust beans, allow to cook.
Step 10 Add salt to taste if necessary.
Step 11 Eat with bread, Agege bread to be precise 😂🖤.
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