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African Cuisine Ewa Agoyin

African Cuisine Ewa Agoyin

African Food: Ewa Agoyin

Ewa Agoyin Ingredients

1 Beans.
2 Onions.
3 big red Pepper.
4 cksp Crayfish.
5 big fresh Tomatoes.
6 Maggi cubes.
7 cooking spoon palmoil.
8 Salt.
9 ripe Plantain.
10 cksp groundnut oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Soak beans in cold water for 5hours.
Step 2 Boil the beans for 7mins and discard the water.
Step 3 Blend the tomatoes to puree and boil till the water drys off..
Step 4 Slice onion,Blend crayfish and keep aside..
Step 5 Boil beans till is very soft.add salt and leave it to dry..
Step 6 Place a dry pot on fire allow to dry very well.pour in palmoil.
Step 7 Bleach it till is clear and pour in the onion..
Step 8 Fry the onion very well and add the boiled tomatoes puree and fry keep stirring till the two is well fried..
Step 9 After 5mins of frying add pepper,salt,Maggi and crayfish..
Step 10 Add a little water if you need boil for 2mins and put off the heat..
Step 11 Slice plantain and add a pinch of salt on it..
Step 12 Place a frying pan on fire,Add groundnut oil heat up and put in the plantain..
Step 13 Fry till is done and enjoy with the agoyin..
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