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West African Foods Zobo drink

Traditional African Foods Zobo drink

West African Foods: Zobo drink

Zobo drink Ingredients

1 Dry zobo (hibiscus leaves).
2 Water melon.
3 Cloves.
4 Fresh ginger.
5 Sugar.
6 Cucumber.
7 Flavour.
8 Water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a clean pot pour in your dry zobo(hibiscus leaves).
Step 2 Add grated ginger and cloves.
Step 3 Add water as required and allow to boil.
Step 4 Drain it using seiver.
Step 5 Add sugar into the hot seived zobo water and allow it to cool completely.
Step 6 Add water melon and cucumber juice.
Step 7 Add flavor.
Step 8 Refrigerate or add ice cubes.
Step 9 Serve chilled and enjoy.
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