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African Dish Zobo drink

West African Foods Zobo drink

African Cuisine: Zobo drink

Zobo drink Ingredients

1 leaves Zobo.
2 Mint leave.
3 Fresh ginger.
4 Clove.
5 Cinnamon.
6 Black pepper.
7 Potash.
8 Sugar.
9 Cucumber.
10 Paineapple back.
11 Lemon.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash your zobo and put inside pot and water and potash..
Step 2 Allow to boil.
Step 3 Blend your ginger and seive it, put the juice in the fridge and the residue in the boiling zobo..
Step 4 Add mint leave clove paineapple back cinnamon black pepper and allow to to boil..
Step 5 Blend your cucumber and seive it..
Step 6 Turn off the heat and seive your zobo add the ginger cucumber sugar and lemon juice..
Step 7 Refrigerate and enjoy..
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