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African Cuisine Zobo/hibiscuss drink

African Food Zobo/hibiscuss drink

West African Foods: Zobo/hibiscuss drink

Zobo/hibiscuss drink Ingredients

1 Zobo.
2 Sugar.
3 Cloves (kanumfari).
4 Fresh ginger.
5 Cucumber.
6 Lemon.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash ur zobo, add to a pot and add water then put to boil.
Step 2 Wash and soak cloves with hot water for an hour.
Step 3 Combine the soaked cloves and it’s water with cucumber and ginger then blend.
Step 4 Add to the boiling zobo and allow to boil again once then seive.
Step 5 Allow to cool then squeeze lemon juice to it and refrigerate.
Step 6 Serve cool 🍷.
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