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African Cuisine Zobo drink

African Food Zobo drink

African Dish: Zobo drink

Zobo drink Ingredients

1 2 handful zobo.
2 to taste Sugar.
3 Water (as required).
4 Pineapple peal.
5 Ginger.
6 Cloves.
7 Cinamonn.
8 Lemon peel.
9 Orange.
10 Water.melon.
11 Orange.
12 Cucumber.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash zobo,pineapple peal,cloves,ginger,cinamonn,lemon peel and put inside pot..
Step 2 Pour enough water,let it boil for 20 mins..
Step 3 Sieve, blend cucumber,pineapple,orange,water melon.put inside the drink..
Step 4 Let it set for 2 hours,seive again. Add sugar to taste.,and water if necessary..
Step 5 Serve chilled.
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