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Traditional African Foods Yam Pottage

Traditional African Foods Yam Pottage

Traditional African Foods: Yam Pottage

Yam Pottage Ingredients

1 500 g yam cut into small cube.
2 1 big size Dried fish.
3 3 different variants of onion chopped.
4 1/2 cup Crayfish (grinded).
5 Handful stockfish flakes.
6 4 habanero pepper (pounded).
7 1/2 tablespoon black pepper.
8 2 tablespoons my secret pottage spice.
9 1 cup palm oil.
10 Salt / 2 stock cubes.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Cut the yam into cube sizes, wash properly causes of sand…add in a pot, add about 75ml of water or more depending on the quantity of yam you are cooking… put the pot on a moderate heat and start cooking….next add the chopped onions, salt, crayfish stockfish flakes….cover and allow to cook for about 10mins…
Step 2 Next add the pounded fresh habanero peppers, crumble the stock cubes over,add the secret pottage spice, black pepper and the wash and shredded dried fish. Give the pot a little shake and cover and allow to cook on medium heat…for another 10-12 mins on moderate heat..
Step 3 Next time you open, the yam is really soft, don't mash, just add the oil, and cover up for it to cook for another 10mins…I added some extra chopped onions for that extra flavour…give it a good stir and remove from heat… mind you dont let the sauce dry out…. the beauty of this meal is the rich sauce that floats round the yam. Serve and enjoy and thank me later 😉💘💪✊.
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