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African Dish Yam Fritters

African Cuisine Yam Fritters

African Dish: Yam Fritters

Yam Fritters Ingredients

1 raw yam.
2 Chopped rodo.
3 Chopped onion.
4 Salt/seasoning.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel the yam and wash it.
Step 2 Using a grater,grate the raw yam using the smaller holes.
Step 3 Add chopped onion,chopped rodo,little salt,and seasoning to taste and mix it altogether.
Step 4 Set an oil into a frying pan and when it start to become hot,drop the yam mixture little by little,into the oil,and allow it to fry till golden brown..
Step 5 Your yam fritters are ready to eat,serve warm with a cup of chill juice or milk..
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