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Traditional African Foods Yam ball

African Food Yam ball

Traditional African Foods: Yam ball

Yam ball Ingredients

1 Yam.
2 Sardines.
3 Bonnet.
4 Pepper.
5 Onion.
6 Maggi.
7 Curry.
8 Onga.
9 Egg.
10 Salt.
11 Oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel d yam,wash,cut,boil wit pinch of salt and mash it.
Step 2 In a pan fry d onoin greated pepper and bonnet,add maggi, curry an stir,add d sardines and mashed it.
Step 3 In a bowl pour ur mashed yam and add d fry ingredients and mix it well,scoop d mixture to ur hand an make a ball shapes.
Step 4 In a bowl break d egg add onga,some sliced onion and pinch of salt den whisk.
Step 5 Dip d yam ball in d egg an fry on medium heat,enjoy.
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