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African Dish Yam fritters

African Food Yam fritters

African Cuisine: Yam fritters

Yam fritters Ingredients

1 Small portion of yam.
2 Grated onion.
3 Grated scotch bunnet.
4 Salt.
5 Seasoning cubes to taste.
6 Spices (optional).
7 egg (optional).
8 Oil for frying.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Peel the yam and rinse with clean water then dice it into 4.
Step 2 In a clean bowl grate the yam using the thinnest side of the grater.
Step 3 When done grating add the onion and scotch bunnet, salt, seasoning cubes and give it a thorough mix.
Step 4 If the mixture isn't sticky to form a shape add 1 egg and mix again.
Step 5 Heat oil in a pan and form a shape of your choice and shallow fry it.
Step 6 Preferred served hot with hot sauce or ketchup.
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