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Traditional African Foods Coated Yam

African Food Coated Yam

Traditional African Foods: Coated Yam

Coated Yam Ingredients

1 Yam (medium size).
2 Egg (3 big).
3 Flour (1 cup).
4 Red bell pepper (1 big).
5 Red pepper (1 big).
6 Onion (1 big).
7 Green pepper (1 big).
8 Seasoning (to your taste).
9 Salt (pinch).
10 Thyme (1 tspn).
11 Oil (2 cups).
12 Curry (1 tspn).
13 Spices (of choice).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Diced the green/Red and Red bell peppers with Onion and set aside, peel the Yam wash, cut and keep aside also. Break the egg aslo. Set all d ingredients aside..
Step 2 Peel and cut yam into cubes as mentioned above, cook the yam till it's half way soft, dip into the flour and coat very well.
Step 3 Pour the chopped peppers and onion into the bowl of the egg, add the thyme, seasoning, curry, other spices and whisk. Drop The coated yam into d whisk, mix and arrange pepper on top..
Step 4 Fill pan with vegetable oil, drop onion for Aroma, you can even add the diced onion (optional) arrange coated yam and fry. Pick up the yam when it's fried.
Step 5 Arrange coated yam and fy.
Step 6 Present with a toothpick. So Yummy……
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