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Traditional African Foods Yam akara

African Dish Yam akara

West African Foods: Yam akara

Yam akara Ingredients

1 Pounded yam.
2 egg.
3 Chopped onion.
4 Chopped green pepper.
5 Maggie.
6 Spices.
7 flour.
8 salt.
9 Oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Add all the ingredients together in a bowl and mix.
Step 2 Pour enough oil in a saucepan allow to heat and ready for deep frying.
Step 3 Use your hand or spoon to scoop the paste forming a small ball with the paste and gently drop in the hot oil.
Step 4 Fry each side of the ball for like 3 minutes until golden brown.
Step 5 .
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