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African Cuisine Egg coated yam

West African Foods Egg coated yam

African Food: Egg coated yam

Egg coated yam Ingredients

1 Small size yam.
2 eggs.
3 salt.
4 seasoning.
5 pepper paste.
6 Small chopped onion.
7 Vegetable oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel, cut n rinse yam with clean water.
Step 2 Put in pot add water (enough to cook) with salt cover and set on flame to cook.
Step 3 Break egg in a bowl, add seasoning, onion and pepper whisk properly.
Step 4 Allow the yam to cool a bit.
Step 5 Deep the yam into the egg mixture. Set oil in pan to heat.
Step 6 Remove yam from the egg, put into the pan of oil and deep fry till bit golden.
Step 7 Remove from oil to drain.
Step 8 Serve n enjoy.
Step 9 Note: you can reduce the oil in the pan and fry the remaining egg..
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