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West African Foods Coated yam

Traditional African Foods Coated yam

African Cuisine: Coated yam

Coated yam Ingredients

1 tuber of yam.
2 egss.
3 Veg oil.
4 Salt.
5 Maggi optional.
6 Onion.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Peel the yam and slice into slim desire shape.
Step 2 Wash and put in a pot. Add water, salt and put on the fire.
Step 3 All it to boil for at most 40 most.. Or when its a little bit soft.
Step 4 Drain the water out and and mix the egg Maggi, salt and onion.
Step 5 Heat oil in the fry pan. Put a slice of yam into the egg and rub every well and put in the heated oil.. Repeat this process till the yam is finished.
Step 6 Remove when golden brown.
Step 7 Serve and eat.
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